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HHQ: Evert Adebauer [Meino] by CrackFaery
HHQ: Evert Adebauer [Meino]

Name: Evert Adebauer
Alias: Meino
Zodiac: Boar (Pig)
Weapon of Choice: brass knuckles

Companion Type: Pisces
Companion Name: Stollen
Companion Skills: Charm booster [passive]

Age: 21
Sex: Hell yes...oh, that's not what you were asking? Male... 
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 183 lb  

Skillset(s): Boxing | Sweet Talking | Competitive Eating | Iron Stomach | Quick Reflexes

    -Illusion of Love [Lv 1]: Skill summons spectral flowers and sparkles that only the person being spoken to can see [active]
    -Spiritual Infusion [Lv 1]: A weak amount of mana is spread along the surface of the hand or brass knuckles to allow physical contact with                                             specters. 

Country: Germany

Team: Veteran Team


  • HP: ✰✰

  • Mana: ✰

  • Yandere: ✰✰✰✰✰

  • Tsundere: ✰

  • Deredere: ✰✰✰✰

  • Kandere: ✰✰

  • Megane: ✰

  • Moe Prancing: ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰

Personality: can be bulleted with short description or para. Please be thorough.
    Temperamental | He has a bad temper that flares up easily, but he can also be easily calmed down if the object of his irritation is     removed from his view or a friend steps in the way and tries to calm him down. He only goes on a rampage when his temper flares up too     often in a short amount of time. 

    Heart-over-Head | He thinks more with his heart than his head and relies on gut instinct rather than logic. 

    Generous | He is quick to lend help when asked, but his temper does flare if he feels like he's being taken advantage of. He's also     more prone to helping girls than guys. 

    Flirtatious | It's his defense mechanism for getting out of trouble so he applies it where he can - usually towards older women.     Occasionally men too, but he's just found its not very effective. 

    Active | He has trouble staying still for long periods of time and likes to seek trouble; maybe pick a fight or play a prank.

    Trouble Magnet | He somehow always finds himself getting into bad situations or misunderstandings. He also likes to stick his nose     into bad business. 

    Intellectually Slow | He's not exactly stupid, but sucks at picking up sarcasm and subtlety right off the bat. Tends to have delayed     reactions when he finally realizes he's being made fun of.  

    Evert was born in Germany and raised by a single father. It wasn't a bad life, his father worked hard to support him and he tried to be a good son. However, due to his father's busy life, the young boy tended to get in trouble a lot and tried to handle problematic situations on his own: his main method of handling being laying the beatdown on budding bullies. However, this didn't go over well with his father at parent-teacher meetings. It didn't help that they both had the same type of temper, and so their household started filling up with arguments, yelling, and the occasional wrestling as his father tried to discipline him. 

    He began to mature somewhat as he got older; or, rather than maturing, started to learn how to not get caught. Through trial and error and taking a few pages out of his senior's books, he started to learn that flattery could get you somewhere - that somewhere being out of trouble more often than not with females. But sweet talk could only get him so far when he started falling into the wrong crowd. His father, being worried for his troublemaking son, enrolled him into boxing lessons with the hopes that at most, Evert would be able to work off his excess energy and calm down, or at least, be able to defend himself when he eventually got himself into trouble. And the lessons started to work. He started being able to escape out of close-calls more often and sought trouble less. Instead, he began seeking food more to replenish his energy. 

    But, the good streak didn't last forever. Unfortunately at one of his boxing matches, he and his opponent had made a misstep which resulted him getting accidentally punched in his temple, hard. Blacking out, the last thing he could remember was waking up with a masked stranger in a nurse's outfit. Quite disturbing. Fortunately, he was alive, but the exorbitant hospital fees made it difficult for his father to pay. Thus, enter, the role of the masked stranger. It seemed that he miraculously survived and the masked stranger was paying the hospital fees. The only condition was that Evert had to move to Japan to work for this stranger to pay back the debt. Upon further explanation while his father was away, Evert agreed to the conditions. After all, what choice did he have if he wanted to understand why he suddenly started sprouting tusks and boar ears and a tail? 

    It took him years to finally become accustomed to seeing the yokai and other supernatural things. It took him even longer to be able to channel his zodiac animal's mana. He's still pretty bad at it, but at the very least, he can defend himself somewhat against some of the more troublesome yokai. He also took the time in Japan to learn to be more charming in order to obtain information or get what he wanted. Though, a lot of this help was probably attributed to Stollen... In regards to his first team, he actually got along with them quite well. The only problem was...trouble still seemed to follow him like crazy and they used that to their benefit: making Evert their yokai-bait in many cases and in others, giving him the worst jobs like yokai taming. [In other words: jobs involving hard, physical labor or high levels of danger]. It was probably good that his team was mostly composed of females, otherwise, there probably would be a bloodbath back at HQ on a regular basis.

    His rookie days are over now and he spends a lot of time moving around completing missions for HQ. With an influx in new agents, he also has chances to lead advise the new rookies on agent life and sometimes gets sent on missions with them for supervision. 

+ Fighting
+ Adrenaline inducing activities
+ apples
++ candied apples
+++ apple pie
+ Older women
+ Game Show channels
+ Motorcycles

- Pork
- Leaders who hide behind minions
- Marathons
- - - Kelpies
- - Spectral type Yokai
- haunted houses, temples, etc. 
- male police officers and teachers

    -has had some gay scandals when he attempted using the illusion of love on males...
    -has been known to take food bribes
    -sometimes responds to Pumbaa 

My computer is dying rather rapidly and so I won't be able to be online as much until I get it replaced. 

I'm guessing I should be back in action in about...2 weeks hopefully? >.< 

I'm sorry for disappearing on you guys. I promise, I'm not a ghost writing from the dead! I will try and respond back to all messages and take care of business as soon as possible! 
HHQ: Members Application by CrackFaery
HHQ: Members Application
Application for: :iconhoshimawari:

How to fill out Drawn Portion: 
Left: Youkai form - Zodiac kemonomimi form
Middle: Weapon of choice + Companion (Western Zodiac chibi / animal)
Middle bars: Name , Youkai Alias 
Right: Human form

Written Portion: (Please fill out below and add to Artists comments on your application)

Name: first and last name

Alias: youkai name

Zodiac: chinese zodiac type

Weapon of Choice: primary weapon your oc uses 

Companion Type: western zodiac type

Companion Name: you really should name your companion

Companion Skills: 

Age: 16 - 20


Height: be reasonable. No seriously, please. No ridiculously short or tall people. please put in feet and inches.

Weight: try to avoid malnourished weights. can be in pounds or kilos

Skillset(s): what is your character talented at as a human?

Ability(s): 1 starter ability - more are earned later. Include ability name and 1 sentence description.

Country: where your character originates from

Team: TBA - we will assign you all to teams and announce it in a journal

Stats: (You have 24 points to spend. More info here:

  • HP: 

  • Mana: 

  • Yandere: [aka “Attack”]

  • Tsundere:  [aka “Defense”]

  • Deredere:  [aka “Charm”]

  • Kandere:  [aka “Luck”]

  • Megane: [aka "Intelligence"]

  • Moe Prancing: [aka “Speed”]

Personality: can be bulleted with short description or para. Please be thorough.

History: At least 2 paragraphs. Add a little bit of background, like their childhood experience and growing up, what accident they were in or how they came to have a near death experience, and maybe even future goals. Also include pertinent information as to why they have the skillsets that they do and a theory as to why their ability manifested in the form that it did. For example: ability: invisibility - as a highschooler, they were a wallflower and was often overlooked and when they came out of their near death experience, that particular trait emerged as the most dominant.

Likes / Dislikes:

Other: whatever additional information you want to add that doesn’t fit into the other categories.

This app is for Hoshimawari use only



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My computer is dying rather rapidly and so I won't be able to be online as much until I get it replaced. 

I'm guessing I should be back in action in about...2 weeks hopefully? >.< 

I'm sorry for disappearing on you guys. I promise, I'm not a ghost writing from the dead! I will try and respond back to all messages and take care of business as soon as possible! 

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