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Species Name: Eidon
    Eidon: "images of the sensible world, the poor, inexact copies of the perfect eid"

Status: OPEN


In the days when witches were burned at the stake, there were times when their familiars would be captured and burned along with them as well. Thus, the Eidon were born in the flames; fire spirits that are an imperfect blend of the former two: a strange, byproduct of the elimination of magic.



In appearance, they look humanoid and resemble their masters, but retain their animal-like characteristics.


Their most distinct, physical attribute is the appearance of flames around their skeletal accessories and in their eyes. The colors of their flames indicate their power level. The eyes usually show 1 to 3 rings of different colors: red being the weakest and violet-white being the strongest. [Color Range from weakest to strongest: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, violet, white]

 As the skeletal accessories are remnants of their birth, they are the main containers of their energy and cannot be covered or removed. Covering them would result in the flames being smothered and weakened. These are their most vulnerable areas. Eidon keep part of theirs and their master’s skeletons on their persons.

Their body temperatures are feverish by human standards.



Eidon are normally territorial and rarely stay in groups of more than two. They are rather feral, and the colors of their flames help determine whether there will be a fight or not. The weaker Eidon generally are more timid and likely to flee against a stronger opponent. Strong Eidon like to challenge other strong ones in order to keep their flames high or just for the sake of becoming stronger.

They typically are not aggressive though when wandering about alone, but are not particularly friendly either. They do have a strong sense of curiosity, thus rendering them relatively easy to capture; some types being easier than others.



Neither are the flames permanently lit. As their flames are exothermic, there is a constant loss of spiritual energy and heat. Physically, their flames can be sustained by draining heat sources, which they acquire by touch [i.e.: fires, coal, etc.]. A more powerful replenishment is by draining other Eidon, which will weaken the latter, or, in some cases, kill them, or by receiving energy by serving as a familiar once more under a new mage.

Though they do not have the magical abilities of their late masters, they do retain knowledge of the spells and recipes that their late masters practiced, thus are valuable assets to other mages.



Like ghosts or demons, they are affected by salt and holy water. Normal rain will weaken them, but not kill them unless they stay out long enough to have the flames put out. 

They can be drained and killed by other Eidon. Their most vulnerable area are their skeletons, which, if removed results in their death if not retrieved quickly, and, if destroyed, results in their death.



As they are not strictly alive, they do not have the ability to reproduce. Their numbers are dwindling as modern times approach and less witches are dying with their familiars.

 However, in the case that they do perform intercourse with another Eidon, their flames will be evenly split between the two. [Good for emergencies if one of the Eidon are dying]

 On the upside, they do not age and can only die when their flames are extinguished. In some cases, these familiars are inherited in some families.


 Terms of Use

You do not need to credit me when creating one of these, though it would be appreciated. All I ask is that you not claim creating this species yourself. 
    p.s. I would love to see what any of you guys do with this~^^


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callousvixen Mar 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist

That's so nice to hear! What have you been planning? Besides you know... Thinking of how to rule the world. :XD:

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Well, I'm in my last few weeks of first year college! :icononiskiplz:
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